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Intelligence is the New Music

Understands your listening habits and recommends Best Music to play!!!

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MindTunes is a next generation intelligent android music player. This player is capable of recommend the list of songs which best fits the Mood.

Your play preferences is analysed and a very personalised list of song is provided to the user by the MindTunes AI.

Traditional music player play the song either from the previously prepared play-list or random list or from recently played or most frequently played list. User changes the track or play different track without noticing her/his state of mood. Moreover, predefined moods (i.e., party, romance, sad, work-out, long drive etc.) are not always effective all time. But, MindTunes recommends dynamic and personalize playlist to the listener.

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Salient Features

Google Material design has been used for the implementation of the app. Following are the salient features:

  • Simple, elegant and characteristics based Music Player.
  • Dynamic playlist generation on mood.
  • Dynamic loading of different personalized mood recommendation.
  • Play, Next, Previous, Pause and Seek features.
  • On screen-lock notification support play/pause and next song play.
  • Simple Equalizer settings.
  • On-lock notification with basic player operation.